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Five portions of vegetables and fruit for everyone. It's a healthy diet!

zdrowa dieta powinna być nawykiem

A healthy diet not only affects the length, but also the quality of our lives. That is why it is worth taking care of this topic and remembering that every day we should be accompanied by five portions of vegetables and fruit.

Preferably raw, unprocessed - juices, purees and various types of smoothies will also work great here. Juicers or juicers currently available on the market allow to extract the best from fruits and vegetables, leaving the full flavor and nutrients in the drinks prepared in this way. A healthy diet is simply easier today. Fruit and vegetables should also be added to breakfast or dinner raw, in the form of salads, salads, and as the first dinner dish prepare soup. All these treatments will ensure that our body will not lack the vitamins and microelements necessary for proper development.

Of course, the best are seasonal, Polish fruits - apples, pears, plums. The moderate climate, however, does not allow to provide fresh, not stuffed with chemical additives fruit throughout the year. How to deal then? On the store shelves you can find many exotic fruits that taste delicious, but also are rich in vitamins and minerals:

- Prickly pear - contains a huge amount of vitamin C, calcium and phosphorus. It is characterized by a delicious, sweet taste;

- Pomelo - the largest representative of citrus fruit, slightly tart taste (similar to the taste of grapefruit) will provide refreshment and works as an ingredient in cocktails.

- Papaya - sweet, has a definite taste. You can eat only ripe fruit with a slightly red skin. Properties and method of use in the kitchen resembles melon.

- Kumquat - a very interesting fruit, reminiscent of miniature mandarins or oranges. Well scrubbed can be a snack that we eat whole, along with the skin.

- Pomegranate - one of the most healthy fruit - eaten raw as an addition to salads, as well as an ingredient in many fruit cocktails. It is worth including in your daily diet.

- Fig - a wealth of magnesium, calcium and valuable mineral salts. Best raw, with the addition of honey, but also as an addition to ... sandwiches. Perfect for baking in the company of meat.

It is worth inviting oriental fruits to your kitchen. They perfectly complement the daily diet, and provide us with health and energy to act.


Is it worth eating mushrooms?


zdrowa dieta powinna zawierać grzyby

Mushrooming is a good time to take a closer look at mushrooms and their pros and cons. Some love them, while others are afraid to reach for them.

Nutritional value of mushrooms

Controversy over the nutritional value of mushrooms is still valid. Some nutritionists say that mushrooms only provide flavor and aroma to dishes. However, there are those who are convinced of the health benefits of mushrooms and believe that a healthy diet should contain them.

Mushrooms consist mainly of water (up to 90%), which is why they are low in calories. However, it should be remembered that due to chitin they are hard to digest. When it comes to mineral salts, mushrooms provide them in rather small quantities. It mainly depends on the litter they grow on.

You can also find vitamins in mushrooms. The highest amount of vitamin A is found in chanterelles. In addition to mushrooms, we can also find those from groups B1 and B2. Other vitamins are found in trace amounts.

Mushrooms as a source of protein

The dry mass of mushrooms consists of protein. Its amount depends on the species and age of the plant. Most of it is in young mushrooms, especially mushrooms. Researchers, however, argue to what extent the human body can digest this protein. Some say that it is not full-fledged, but better digestible than that derived from plant products.

Oyster mushrooms, which contain folic acid and B-D-glucan with anti-cancer effect, become competition for mushrooms.

Who are the mushrooms for?

Due to the hardness of the mushrooms, it cannot be given to children under 3 years of age, as well as people who have problems with the digestive system. Others are advised to limit their consumption and treat them as a delicacy. Remember that if you are planning a mushroom meal, do not add heavy digestions such as beans.

Caution when picking mushrooms

Particular care must be taken during mushroom picking, because eating a poisonous specimen can even end in death.

Remember to collect only those mushrooms that you can be sure are edible. Before consumption, carefully examine them again.

Do not collect mushrooms in a plastic bag and do not destroy the litter and mycelium. It is worth remembering that fresh harvest should be eaten as soon as possible. If you have too many mushrooms, do not store them until the next day, just dry or marinate. Mushrooms for drying should not be washed with water, only cleaned with a brush or a brush.


Juicy health - apples


zdrowa dieta powinna zawierać owoce w tym jabłka

A well-known proverb says "One apple from the evening and you don't need a doctor" and that's right. The beneficial nutritional values ​​contained in apples will help us stay healthy for many years! Do you know what good is hidden in the most popular fruit in Poland?

Apples are primarily a source of vitamins: C, B group, beta carotene, E, K, dietary fiber (especially pectins), quercetin, antioxidants and minerals. They perfectly cleanse the body because the pectins contained in them bind some heavy metals (cobalt and lead) into insoluble salts, which are then excreted from the body. For this reason, apples should be eaten primarily by those who have contact with chemicals in their daily work.

Pectins work by removing food residues from the body, regulating the intestinal bacterial flora and neutralizing toxic substances. In addition, they reduce the absorption of bad cholesterol, and thus effectively prevent atherosclerosis and protect against heart attack. Pectins improve intestinal motility, thereby acting against constipation. However, it should be remembered that only raw pectins have such an effect - that's why it's best to bite into fresh apples in the skin.

Amazingly, apples deacidify the body, although their taste is often just sour. This is because these fruits contain a lot of alkaline mineral salts. In addition, they contain potassium, which, together with other electrolytes, regulates water management in the body and increases muscle tone.

Apples can be found in the store throughout the year, but the tastiest fruit can be found in autumn, when there is a large selection and they are exceptionally fresh. Let's not miss the opportunity when they are very cheap and we can prepare many tasty preparations for the winter!

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