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Arthralgia can accompany infections, both bacterial, viral and parasitic. You can then talk about reflex arthritis. It affects one or more often several joints. It happens to people of all ages. How to recognize them correctly and how to fight them?

Joint pain - symptoms

Initially, the pain occurs in motion, and decreases or disappears at rest. In advanced states it persists all the time. Its intensity may change. A characteristic symptom of the disease is also stiffness in the joints, especially after a period of prolonged immobility. Joints can be painful to the touch, and their surroundings excessively warmed and swollen. When the lesions are advanced, deformities of the joints, bone directed at an incorrect angle to each other are observed. The mobility of the affected joints may also be reduced.

Did you know that there is a relationship between a lack of nutrients and rheumatoid arthritis?

Particularly joint pain may be affected by a lack of B vitamins (especially pantothenic acid), deficiencies of vitamin D3, deficiencies of zinc, fatty acids, etc.

Joint pain can be reduced by supplementing e.g. yocce under the supervision of the Revitum specialist. The most important thing is that they are preparations selected for your needs, taking into account the whole of your body.

From food in the case of joint pain, it is worth, under the supervision of a specialist, to eliminate nightshade plants, as some suffering from joint pain are hypersensitive to solanine affecting the action of enzymes in the muscles, which causes pain.

Ginger, for example, has pain relief. It is he who can block the secretion of prostaglandins, inflammatory factors, leukotrienes, and is also a powerful antioxidant.

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