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Acne is a disease that has been bothering millions of people around the world for years. Every year, millions of dollars are spent on research into combating this disease.

Acne vulgaris (Acne vulgaris) - a skin disease that begins at puberty, when the hormone sebaceous glands (seborrhea) are over-stimulated under the influence of hormonal changes (excessive androgenic stimulation). Blackheads and papules, commonly called pimples, are a symptom of acne. Their formation is associated with excessive production of sebum and increased keratinization of the cells of the duct leading out the sebaceous glands of the skin. Overlapping layers of keratinized epidermis fill the outgoing duct and close its mouth. Blocked mouth of the sebaceous gland canal with a sebaceous plug and calloused cells is called blackhead, which is a non-inflammatory form of acne.
In such an accumulation of calloused epidermis and sebum, some bacteria, always present on the surface of the skin, develop particularly well and cause an inflammatory process that can cause a rupture of the exit duct wall and the development of inflammation in the sebaceous gland. The papules then become large, red and painful.

Acne can have many causes

The causes of acne can be hormonal, gastrointestinal, hepatic, thrush disorders, etc.

Many so-called "home remedies" do not work, and in turn wrong treatment can only mask the problem without hitting its cause. It is worth starting the action quickly because improper treatment may cause traces on the skin for life or for many years. Especially so should be avoided "squeezing" skin lesions, especially without disinfection. It is best to start a comprehensive treatment aimed at the causes of acne.

At the Revitum Diagnostics Center, you can support acne treatment using natural preparations in which you will find plant ingredients, vegetable oils, minerals and vitamins of only natural origin! The treatment is arranged individually, because in Revitum we do not have one pill for acne, because it does not exist. The specialist takes into account your age, weight, lifestyle and many other factors, besides, he performs the Load Test looking for additional reasons. This treatment guarantees health for many years.

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