Cell deficiency tests

The cell needs all the nutrients to function well.
Dr. Raymond Francis says there is only one cause of disease - cell failure.

Cells play an extremely important role in the human body. If their failure occurs, we must take into account the emergence of many dangerous diseases. Cells are an integral part of the body (building blocks of all tissues, organs, systems) and their vital functions are closely related to the state of health of the whole body and vice versa. The path to recovery is through proper diagnosis and treatment of cells. Here, the Cell Deficiency Test comes to our aid.

Cellular failure is a disease that begins with all ailments. As a consequence, it causes a whole avalanche of diseases.

Why do cells get sick?

niewydolność komórkowaCell failure has two causes:

  • First of all, it is affected by toxic loads in the body, and thus in cells.
  • Secondly, failure causes cell deficiency. It happens when we supply the body with too little nutrient.

To check the cause of cell failure using the Cell Method, both a body load test and a cell deficiency test should be performed.

The first test involves, as the name suggests, the detection of loads that occur in cells.
Why is it important to check loads first? Because if the cells were first diagnosed and someone would like to supplement them with supplementation, they could unwittingly feed the parasites or fungi residing in the body. Supplementation would cause their rapid development and, consequently, deterioration of health. In addition to toxins and heavy metals, the load test also checks for the presence of parasites and fungi.

The next step in the diagnosis is a cell deficiency test. These deficiencies contribute to cellular failure. This happens when nutrients such as micronutrients, vitamins or enzymes are lacking. Each cell has chemical reactions that require a lot of energy. To obtain it, the cell needs nutrients. For the cell to function as it should, i.e. protect the body against dangerous pathogens, it must be properly nourished. Let's remember that each organism is different, and therefore needs individual diagnostics. This is what the cell deficiency test allows.


What does a cell phone need?

niedobory komórkoweThe type, quality and quantity of nutrients consumed, such as proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals, determine the proper functioning of cells. Cells also need the right pH. The normal pH of the cells is slightly alkaline at about 7.4. When the pH value becomes too acidic, cell work is disturbed and various body systems weaken. If the pH of the cells changes, the enzymes cannot work properly (their work is slowed down) and many important chemical reactions do not occur. Acidified organism is an ideal environment for the development of various diseases. That is why a proper diet is so important. A healthy body has alkaline stores that are used to neutralize excess acid. However, these reserves are depleted when our diet provides only acid food.
So we see how important it is to check whether our body is acidified. A visit to Revitum will answer this question.

Cellular deficiencies can have many symptoms and affect almost every organ.


The most common symptoms of deficiency are:

zdrowie komórkowe


The cell deficiency test will detect deficiencies:

  • vitamins (D3, B, C, E, K and many others)
  • minerals (for example: calcium, iron, magnesium, iodine, zinc, selenium, potassium, phosphorus, copper)
  • trace collagen enzymes in individual organs
  • coenzymes (among others: Biotin, Q10, folic acid)
  • acid

Once we find out what loads are in our body and what is missing in the cells, we can go to the next steps, which are: cleansing the body and then nourishing it with individually selected supplementation.
The cell deficiency test should be repeated prophylactically - preferably every quarter, with the beginning of the new season. It is important to have information on a regular basis whether any shortcomings are starting because you can react quickly and provide the necessary ingredients. This is particularly important before the autumn-winter period, when the sick period begins. If the body has everything it needs it will easily defend itself against diseases. Winter is also a period when it is harder for natural vitamins and minerals in the diet, therefore it is often necessary to use supplementation. It is not good, however, to take it blindly. There is no need to guess what we might need when we can check it out!
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