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When we suffer from ailments, at first we focus only on eliminating the symptoms. We fight pain, malaise and fatigue.

In order for the ailments not to come back and become stronger, their causes should be found and removed.

One of the most accurate and fastest methods to diagnose the causes of ailments and diseases is the Load Test, which is considered to be the best non-invasive diagnostic method in the world. Over 30,000 doctors use stress tests in Europe alone.

Get to know the opinions and stories of our clients:

Our services are recommended by, among others Katarzyna Dowbor and many other satisfied customers.

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"From an early age, I had skin problems, constant acne and blemishes. I have been weak since childhood and have always been sick. I was still treated with antibiotics, after which I felt terrible and I was always weak and still tired. Recently, I have noticed similar skin changes in my children. That's why I decided to act! I came for the examination with my children and my wife.

The Revitum study showed that I and my family, including children 3 and 7 years old, have parasites, and I have toxins and mycosis. We use the treatment with the whole family, I have the chance to finally remove the cause of my ailments and I am glad that my family and especially children will not pass the ordeal as I do.
We understood how the body should function properly and how we are exposed by today's civilization to toxins that cause us so much damage. It's great that we were able to reach such a source and specialists with such knowledge and diagnostic capabilities. Apparently, I had to go through all this myself to be interested in seeking other support in my health. I am richer with this knowledge and I will follow the recommendations because we are all beginning to feel the effects ... "
Krzysztof from Lodz

"... I was sick as a child. Constant infections and fatigue. Doctors often prescribed antibiotics, which obviously treated the infections, but I felt terrible after them. In adolescence I had problems with mycosis. Continuous recurrence of ringworm in various parts of the body and the ineffectiveness of the methods used led me to despair. From the beginning I suspected that the problem was somewhere else, I was looking for various publications myself, but I only had a bigger confusion.

Despite my young age, my body just barely functioned, and I was still tired, oversensitive and simply helpless. Finally I came to Revitum. I immediately felt it was it. The explanation that mycosis comes from poor bowel function was a revelation to me. Even as a layman I understood the importance of cleansing and sealing the intestines and the enormity of damage that mycosis causes in my body. The treatment used brought unexpected results. The mycosis not only disappeared, but I felt a marked improvement in other ailments: sinus pain and continuous migraines, painful menstruation and the lack of concentration that bothered me. Now I understand that these were also symptoms of advanced mycosis. Most importantly, I understood the cause of my ailments and now I know how to defend myself against mycosis. I am glad that there are offices like Revitum ... "
Jadwiga from Bydgoszcz

"My last year was terrible! I still felt tired and weak. Even on weekends, I couldn't recover. I thought it was the fault of moving to a big city and a new job. It is known that beginnings can be difficult. Over time, however, the symptoms did not improve. I felt worse and worse. I had no energy at all! Doctors attributed me to various medications: for depression, stress and even advised me to change my diet. None of this turned out to be true! I didn't feel better after taking the drugs.

I started to look for other methods to cure. I found Revitum on the internet. They boasted that they find causes of malaise and that they have already helped 4,000 customers. I decided to try. I went to Test, which immediately indicated that I had anemia. I did not believe that they could assess what was going on so quickly but the prescribed treatment did help. The symptoms have completely disappeared. Awesome! I've already sent several friends for the test. He also helped them. "
Elżbieta from Gorzów

Why is it worth going to Revitum Load Test?

By treating only the symptoms, we cannot be sure that we eliminate their source. Headaches are a good example. A painkiller helps you quickly. And the causes can be different and come from many sources: fatigue, viral infection, migraine or toothache. Eliminating pain alone does not mean that we get rid of its causes.


If you want to finally get rid of your ailment - start by knowing its causes first. The right diagnosis is the first step to health.

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