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Human Body Scanner is a device that based on the principles of quantum physics
accurately detects the severity of dysfunction of individual organs.

In the Human Body Scanner test, important health parameters are analyzed. Various disorders in the body are detected and problems are assessed at the cellular level. The scanner works in technology based on the theory of quantum medicine and allows you to read and analyze electromagnetic waves sent by our body at the level of cell resonance of different parts of the body (magnetic bioresonance). Each state of the body's organs and cells corresponds to a specific type of electromagnetic waves. Thanks to this, a very precise diagnosis is possible. The test is non-invasive and painless. Thanks to Human Body Scanner you will find out in a few minutes what the overall condition of your body is. The device generates 30 detailed reports.

What does the Human Body Scanner (HBS) test check?

  • It will diagnose if you suffer from nutritional deficiencies (vitamins, minerals, amino acids, coenzymes).
  • It will determine if your body has a normal PH - check the acidity level.
  • It will reveal the possible presence of toxins, heavy metals and parasites.
  • It will show the state of individual organs and systems (e.g. the state of the stomach, intestines, liver, gallbladder, prostate, brain, heart, lungs.)
  • It will show irregularities that may underlie various ailments. This allows for countermeasures - before the disease develops.
  • Ii will assess your overall physical condition.
  • It will check your body's response to popular allergens.
Human Body Scanner

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The extensive and valuable knowledge obtained during the test allows to implement actions aimed at restoring normal organs' functions as well as physiological balance and supplementing deficiencies in the body.

The Human Body Scanner test should be performed 4 times a year for preventive purposes to control deficiencies in the body and check whether any disease or parasites begin to develop in the body. It would be optimal to do it just before the new season (especially important in autumn and winter) to check how the immune system and the whole body is prepared for the disease season. Filling the deficiencies in vitamins and minerals will help protect us against the diseases and prepare us for the change in weather conditions that will occur with the new season.
Coming to the next Human Body Scanner test (e.g. checking after using the indications) we have previous results and we can make an accurate comparison. Thanks to this, we know what has been changed.

More about the Quantum Biomagnetic Body Composition Analyzer

The Quantum Magnetic Resonance Analyzer combines advanced and innovative technologies and projects in the fields of medicine, bio-computer science and electrical engineering. The device works based on the difference in the flow of electrical impulses of cells, on the principle of bio-impedance. Receives the weak electromagnetic field of human cells. Bioresonance testing is based on reading the waves emitted by cells, tissues and organs and allows to obtain a number of precise data that show deviations from the norms and indicate where their causes may be. The frequency of electromagnetic waves varies depending on your current health status, cellular nutrition level, and stage of disease development (if any). This device has been constructed based on scientific research conducted on astronauts. The device database has been validated according to a strict scientific method, based on clinical case studies (over 800,000 clinically made measurements).

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