Vitamin D deficiency

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Vitamin D deficiency

When there is a lack of vitamin D in the body ...

Vitamin D affects the proper functioning of calcium metabolism in the blood, on the nervous system, cardiovascular, immune, reproductive and muscular systems. It also cares for the correct structure of the skeleton. When it is not enough, we are threatened with serious health consequences. Below we look at what exactly.



Vitamin D deficiency is usually caused by insufficient sun exposure. Often this is impossible due to the high probability of skin burns, and the creams used with a high filter effectively block the natural process of vitamin D formation in the skin.
A season like autumn or winter is also not favorable for vitamin D production for obvious atmospheric reasons. This is how a deficiency of this very valuable vitamin is created in our body.



  • Loosening
  • Musculoskeletal pain
  • Blurred vision
  • Loss of appetite
  • Problems with falling asleep
  • Periodontal Disease
  • Burning sensation in the mouth and throat
  • High blood pressure
  • Heart failure



Too little vitamin D causes rickets in children, and in adults the development of osteoporosis as well as osteomalacia or bone softening. Very often muscle weakness and painful cramps occur. Other unpleasant consequences are: diabetes, development of obesity, development of cancer, cardiovascular diseases, inflammatory or autoimmune diseases. A deficiency of this vitamin also accelerates the aging process of cells in our body. In the case of a child's fetal life, a deficiency of vitamin D may contribute to brain damage, which translates into the potential for future autism or even schizophrenia in such a child.


The company Cambridge Diagnostics decided to create an innovative set, consisting of independent blood collection in the form of a dry drop. This method is completely non-invasive and painless. This is good news for smaller children or even newborns. Obtaining the result takes only a few days and is sent to the patient via electronic means. Thanks to this reference method (LC-MS / MS), very precise, quantitative and selective determination of metabolites is carried out, e.g. 25 (OH) D3 or 25 (OH) D2 or 24.25 (OH) 2D3. Therefore, for vitamin D deficiency in our body to pass quickly, a valuable and beneficial solution for us will be supplementation of this vitamin. It should be remembered that in order for vitamin D to be better absorbed, we should take it with vitamin K2 MK-7. Its quality is also important - whether it is natural or artificial. Therefore, when choosing supplementation, it is worth consulting a specialist or educating yourself before you decide on a specific preparation.

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