Vaginal mycosis

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Almost 80% of women have had vaginal mycosis at least once in their lives, and half of them have experienced a relapse! Candida yeast is most often responsible for reproductive organ infections. Under favorable circumstances, they may begin to multiply uncontrollably and spread throughout the body.

Symptoms that may signal you have vaginal mycosis:

  • itching and burning around the vagina
  • dense, cheese-like discharge,
  • pain and burning when urinating,
  • painful sexual intercourse.

In addition to the vagina, ringworm can affect the cervix, bladder and urethra. Untreated, it can lead to serious health complications, such as cervical erosion, vaginal erosion, and even cancer. This ailment can also contribute to miscarriages and infertility. Vaginal mycosis can be tricky – it is estimated that around 30% of women do not feel any discomfort at first, but at the same time the body’s accumulation and spread of fungal spores occurs.

Vaginal mycosis – causes

Among the factors promoting vaginal mycosis are:

  • taking oral hormonal agents,
  • obesity,
  • antibiotics,
  • Hypothyroidism,
  • anemia,
  • malnutrition,
  • vaginal trichomoniasis
  • frequent sexual contact.

Mrs. Maria from Łódź fought with vaginal mycosis:

Half a year ago I went to a gynecologist with baking and vaginal discharge. He said it was mycosis, yeast vaginosis. I got the medicine and indeed, the discomfort was over. However, after a month they appeared again, I had the impression that they are also more intense. Another visit to the doctor and more medicines. A moment of peace again and … the return of vaginal mycosis for the third time! Previous drugs completely exhausted me, and I didn’t want to take any more. Because of these health problems, my husband and I moved away from each other. I no longer knew how to help myself when a friend told me that she was on a test that reveals the causes of the ailment. I wanted to help myself so I decided why not and went to Revitum. The test showed that my body is heavily burdened with mycosis. The specialist assigned me an individual natural treatment for my problems. Today there is no trace of vaginal mycosis – I feel great and our married life has revived. I am very grateful for the help!

Klaudia Sagańska, a Revitum specialist, advises:

Vaginal mycosis is often associated with a decrease in immunity and poor diet. Natural antifungal preparations based on plant ingredients come to the rescue here. It’s best to choose them during the load test. Getting rid of ailments associated with vaginal mycosis requires the implementation of precisely selected individual, natural treatments that will strengthen the body’s natural strength and help get rid of the fungal spores. To make this possible, it is necessary to know the state of internal organs and the immune system. With this help comes the body load test, which thanks to its diagnostic capabilities allows you to determine the degree of burden on the body with harmful substances (fungi, parasites, toxins). Its non-invasive and painless formula means that its performance is not associated with any unpleasant feelings. You also don’t have to spend a lot of time on it – 45 minutes is enough. After discussing the test results, a Revitum specialist can assign an individual treatment tailored to the woman’s needs, which will help her fight not only the symptoms, but above all the causes of vaginal mycosis. The load test gives the opportunity to permanently get rid of toxic yeast.