Skin mycosis

Category : Fungus

grzybica skóry

Fungi of the skin and mucous membranes belong to the group of infectious diseases caused by pathogenic fungi. There are more skin infections from year to year. Statistics estimate that ringworms occur in almost 20% of people living in a temperate climate zone.

Symptoms of skin mycosis

Skin mycosis is manifested by changes in the body’s coating and its dead creations, such as hair and nails.

The most common infections are:

  • skin of the feet
  • between the toes, on the sole,
  • on the hands of one or both hands,
  • less often in the groin.

Mushrooms more easily infect the skin when it is damaged. Due to the fact that they like moisture and heat, skin mycoses often appear:

  • in skin folds, e.g. under the arms,
  • between the buttocks,
  • under the breasts
  • in folds on the stomach in obese people.

Due to the non-specificity and individuality of skin mycosis symptoms, it may be difficult to diagnose the real sources of the problem. In order to determine the causes of ailments, it is worth performing a body load test.

The Revitum specialist advises:

Mushrooms secrete very strong toxins and poison our entire body, especially the brain. Severe mycosis can lead to a lack of concentration, general discouragement from life, and even depression. Overloaded with toxins, man is constantly tired, often changes moods, feels inexplicable fear and threat. To avoid this, you should go to a specialist for advice.