Psoriasis symptoms

Category : Ailments

Psoriasis is unsightly and tiring, it can introduce complexes. It can start under stress. It can also be passed on by the mother – then she will be in the sleep phase. Come, the main causes of the emergence are unknown, there is a relationship between the appearance of psoriasis and the state of the immune system or the presence of mycosis.

The main symptoms of psoriasis are various skin lesions that begin with ordinary redness, and end with, for example, keratosis-like scales. Initially, they are the size of a head from a pin, in theory, to grow to a size covering the whole body. In addition, the body can attack several types of psoriasis simultaneously. They can appear in different places, so that with time, as they grow, they will merge into one great creation. By neglecting the symptoms, you can just lead to this condition. Two of the most popular varieties of psoriasis are geographical and annular psoriasis.

The first one took its name from the shape of the resulting skin eruptions. Namely, the outline of psoriasis on the body will look like islands / continents. The other one will resemble a growing ring / ring. The red spot, which is a psoriatic lesion, will begin to fade from the inside at some point. The weaker the body’s immunity, the easier it can get psoriasis. Lack of knowledge of the main pathogens causes the threat lurks just around the corner. High stress or fungal infections can accelerate the process of its appearance.