Problems with the pancreas – symptoms and treatment

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The pancreas has two important functions in the body. It supplies enzymes to the intestine, which makes it possible to digest proteins or carbohydrates. This organ is also responsible for the secretion of hormones: insulin and glucagon. It is worth to read the article below to know what the symptoms of a sick pancreas are. Patients who are often unaware of this find out about the disease when it is definitely too late for treatment!

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Symptoms of sick pancreas

A sick pancreas is often the cause of little characteristic symptoms. For a long time it may not even give any signals. However, before the disease enters an advanced stage, several symptoms appear, including:

  • abdominal pain – located in the epigastric region, may persist for several days, the pain often radiates to the back, appears suddenly and increases with time,
  • frequent vomiting, nausea, fever and diarrhea,
  • skin changes, especially on the face,
  • lack of appetite, weight loss.

The above symptoms require thorough diagnosis. It is worth remembering that the symptoms may be different depending on pancreatic disorders. Knowing the above symptoms of malfunctioning of the pancreas, you can prevent the appearance of much more serious health problems. Do not underestimate the above symptoms!

Examination of the pancreas and its treatment

Acute or chronic pancreatitis is most often exposed to people who: abuse alcohol, smoke cigarettes or people who are genetically burdened. However, this problem may affect everyone. Among the most common diseases of the pancreas are its inflammation.

Doctors sound the alarm and make them aware of how dangerous and insidious the sick pancreas is. It is often referred to by specialists as a sleeping tiger. We recognize that if we do not notice serious ailments associated with pancreatic disease, then there is certainly no problem. However, serious health problems arise when advanced changes are already occurring in the pancreas. Therefore, it is worth prophylactically and regularly look at whether our organ is functioning properly.

It is worth remembering about a proper diet with a sick pancreas. This organ definitely doesn’t like sweets, raw products or carbonated drinks. In sick people, the diet should be easily digestible, while providing a lot of energy. In addition, when the pancreas begins to get sick, it often results in pancreatic enzyme deficiencies. Drugs that contain pancreatin help a lot.

Are you concerned about the symptoms? It may be time to check your pancreas by performing the Human Body Scanner test. It is one of the effective methods determining the causes of the disease and diagnosing the condition of the pancreas before the symptoms of the disease appear. In addition to the pancreas, it also checks the condition of other organs and the level of acidification of the body, the presence of parasites, heavy metals, toxins, and cell deficiencies. In one sentence, this is a general overview of the entire body that everyone should do from time to time.

Pancreatitis is a serious disease. Ailments affect the entire body. Untreated diseased pancreas can be a serious threat to health and even life.