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While we lose the next days at work, visit more doctors or specialists in individual parts of the body, mycosis (candida, mycosis, candidiasis) does not idle and begins to reach everywhere along with blood destroying our body


Mycosis - how to recognize it?

Chronic fatigue is a result of mycosis

Mushrooms get into the bloodstream, causing so-called systemic mycosis. At this point the jokes are over. The whole organism can be attacked by an out of control fungus. The attacked organism defends itself against such strong intoxication. A side effect of this fight is a state of chronic fatigue, we are drowsy, without energy, we want to sleep and during the day we save ourselves with a large dose of coffee. At night we have trouble sleeping, and in the morning we get up sleepless. And so the circle closes.

We are still tired and irritable. And the tests detect nothing. Candidiasis is caused by Candida mushrooms, more precisely by their uncontrolled reproduction. Their growth and uncontrolled reproduction is caused by a decrease in the strength of our immune system. What causes impairment of the immune system? Many factors, really. These may be serious illnesses that we have been suffering from or are suffering from all the time. Constant illness greatly reduces the ability of the immune system to function. Other factors may be immunosuppressants, which take people after transplants so that their body does not reject a foreign body. Antibiotics also destroy the natural bacterial flora, because they do not distinguish between good and bad bacteria. If you suspect Candida (ringworm), be sure to visit a specialist.

Symptoms of candidiasis: Mycosis causes depression

Mushrooms secrete very strong toxins and simply poison our entire body, especially the brain. Our experience shows that strong mycosis can lead to a lack of concentration, general discouragement from life and even depression.

Overloaded with toxins, man is:

  • still tired
  • grumpy
  • criticizes everything
  • easily explodes

Accompanied by pessimism and falling into depression, frequent change of mood, unfounded crying, inexplicable fear and threat, constant need for sugar, lack of concentration and attention, excessive sarcastic playfulness and malice, easy forgetfulness and many other symptoms of poisoning. But once we remove the mycosis from the body, we will quickly return to our energy and desire to live, and we will have a smile on our face. And to think that it was all caused by small yeasts that grew excessively out of our control.

Gastric and intestinal problems are also due to ringworm

All kinds of indigestion, stomach aches, heartburn, burning throat, gas and many other gastrointestinal complaints have a close connection with mycosis (Mikoza). In general, we do not assign them the same causative factor, so it is so hard to find out what the real cause of all these ailments is. Interestingly, as soon as we master the growth of fungi in the body and clean it properly, in principle, all these problems can be included in the past.

Candidiasis - how to fight it?

This is a very difficult task, we will certainly not get rid of ringworm in a month. Diet alone is not enough in the fight against mycosis. It is necessary, for example, to strengthen immunity with natural dietary supplements or to ensure the proper intestinal flora. It is worth using the best dietary supplements on the market that Revitum offers.

The presence of candidiasis (systemic mycosis) perfectly checks the body's load test.

Experienced biomedicine specialists carry out the test at Revitum's Diagnostic Center. The Revitum team is always working on your recovery. We guarantee proven diagnostics and quick treatment. Thanks to the method of individual selection of supplements and strictly selected natural preparations, the treatments recommended by Revitum are very effective and simple. They do not cause any restrictions in your life so far. Such therapy is health for years.

What causes it?

Did you know that ringworm affects about 42% of the population? Untreated candidiasis can have a very negative effect on the whole body. Treatment of mycosis should begin with understanding its causes. They are very diverse, however, several very important factors can be identified in favor of the emergence and spread of this disease.


Modern lifestyle does not leave much room for rest and regeneration. We live in a constant race and tension. Unfortunately, this does not affect our immune system. Stress hormone, cortisol, because it inhibits the formation and regeneration of cells of the immune system necessary to defend the body against harmful factors. Therefore, it gives the field for uncontrolled reproduction of Candida albicans, causing numerous ailments.




Doctors are eager to treat all diseases with antibiotics today. Indeed, in many cases they allow you to get rid of ailments. However, little is mentioned that antibiotics not only kill microbes, but also deprive the body of their natural allies - bacteria, which protect our body. It is often an impulse for fungi, which "unattended" may begin to multiply and penetrate into all parts of the body with the bloodstream. There is an increasing opinion that in view of the large number of side effects and influencing the development of mycelium, the legitimacy of antibiotic therapy is being questioned.

Bad diet


Another important factor contributing to the development of mycosis are deficiencies in proper nutrition. A fast lifestyle, ubiquitous fast food, chemistry and preservatives - all of this is not conducive to strengthening our immune system, which "keeps in check" Candida fungal spores. It is also common today to abuse sugar, which is an ideal breeding ground for the development of white litter (candida yeast) and the formation of causes such as the symptoms of candidiasis. In addition to these, other factors, such as diabetes and hypothyroidism, also contribute to ringworm.

Mycosis was the bane of Mrs. Anna from Wrocław:

It started with constant fatigue: I couldn't get out of bed, I felt dizzy, almost fainted. Then I started to gain weight - I didn't know what was going on, because I didn't eat any more, I moved a lot. The doctor suspected my diabetes, but somehow this diagnosis did not convince me. I started looking for help on my own. On the network I came across information about Revitum and a test diagnosing the causes of ailments. I thought it might be my chance. The specialist said that my causes of ringworm are mainly a weakened immune system. After finding out the symptoms of candidiasis, I received a cleansing and strengthening treatment for my body. Actually, after a few days I felt improvement, and today I can say that I am fine: the problems with lack of energy have ended, the weight has returned to normal. I recommend this test! " Without diagnosis, it is impossible to eliminate athlete's foot.

Ringworm is an insidious disease, often difficult to diagnose. It can cause many serious ailments such as recurrent skin problems, memory impairment and irritable bowel syndrome. Therefore, when we observe symptoms of candidiasis such as skin changes, feeling of constant fatigue or swelling in joints, it is worth doing the Body Load Test, which will help in determining the causes of ailments. The diagnosis obtained in this way will be the basis for implementing further actions.

Microbiologist, nutritional advisor, Klaudia Sagańska says:

Systemic mycosis can cause many symptoms that seemingly may not be related to each other and be treated by doctors as separate diseases. Assigned drugs may further weaken the immune system and instead of curing, lead to an exacerbation of symptoms. To avoid such an unfavorable turn of events, it is worth doing a Load Test, which due to its wide diagnostic capabilities can help determine the cause of mycosis. Its implementation does not carry any negative feelings, because it is completely safe, non-invasive and painless. After its completion, a specialist can choose an individual treatment that will help cleanse the body of Candida fungal spores and strengthen the immune system. Do not be overcome by ringworm - take the test today!

Only by removing the true causes of ringworm - we remove the disease permanently! Don't fight the symptoms

Do you know the symptoms of mycosis?

There are more skin, hair and nail infections from year to year. More and more fungi penetrate through the respiratory tract, digestive tract and even the genital tract - to the internal organs of our organisms, causing inflammatory processes in them. Statistics estimate that ringworms occur in almost 20% of people living in a temperate climate zone.

All this makes mycoses more dangerous than suspected. Every year, they cause 1.5 million deaths worldwide, which is almost as serious as malaria and tuberculosis, according to a Scottish specialists report published in Science Translational Medicine.

Symptoms that mycosis have affected the nervous system are:

  • memory impairment
  • chronic fatigue syndrome
  • attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
  • anxiety
  • panic attacks
  • problems with body balance
  • depression problems with concentration

Other signs that fungal spores have entered the nervous system may be:

  • insomnia
  • hypersensitivity to cosmetics and tobacco smoke
  • lethargy

Digestive system

Candida fungi also have a very bad effect on the digestive system.

Here are some examples of the symptoms of candidiasis that can support the suspected mycosis:

  • uncontrolled weight gain
  • ulcerative colitis
  • stomach pain
  • constipation
  • digestive disorders
  • heartburn
  • mycosis may also be manifested by symptoms such as hypersensitivity to milk and gluten, and addiction to sweets.

Respiratory system

Candida yeast also attack the respiratory system, causing such ailments as:

  • bronchial asthma
  • chronic sore throat
  • otitis
  • chronic cough
  • sinus disease

Due to the non-specificity and individuality of the symptoms, there may be difficulties in diagnosing the real sources of the problem. To determine the causes of your discomfort, it's a good idea to perform a stress test.

Malwina from Łódź, 31 years old:

For several months I was struggling with the embarrassing problem of onychomycosis. Especially for women, this is an extremely severe psychological problem. I lubricated for 2 months with the preparation my mother used, but the positive effects were not seen at all. Then after visiting the doctor I bought another medicine, which after using for a long time also did not give results. I was already mentally depressed, I did not want to leave the house and show myself in company. One day my faith in successfully eliminating the problem came back. A friend told me about a test that determines the condition of the whole body, so you can determine the causes of problems with nail fungus, and then choose an individual treatment.

Weronika Łapińska, a Revitum specialist, advises:

Mushrooms secrete very strong toxins and poison our entire body, especially the brain. Severe mycosis can lead to a lack of concentration, general discouragement from life, and even depression. Overloaded with toxins, man is constantly tired, often changes moods, feels inexplicable fear and threat. To prevent this from happening, it is worth doing the Body Load Test as soon as possible, which will help us determine the true causes of the ailment.

In fact, athlete's foot is taboo. Most of those affected do not realize that it is enough to do one load test to learn how to help themselves - and permanently. The load test will show you the condition of your body, immune system, other systems and organs of our body. It will check what loads of the body have a negative impact on our well-being. What's more, during one test, the specialist will record an individual treatment that will help eliminate the problem of ringworm from the body. A comprehensive approach is important when eliminating ringworm. Ointments or tablets are not enough - they only remove symptoms for a moment. The causes of ringworm must be removed!

Treatment of ringworm

It is worth reaching for natural preparations based on, for example, plant extracts and essential oils. Did you know that, for example, Revitum oregano contains a lot of active ingredient, which is fungal carvacrol?

Unfortunately, not everyone can take it and you must also remember about breaks in such supplementation.

Here, Revitum specialists come to the rescue, who will select your treatment based on the best dietary supplements taking into account your ailments, and at the same time perform a body load test to best choose the ingredients of your treatment.

Trust in nature and the best technologies for producing dietary supplements

Treatment of ringworm, elimination of infections and toxins is a long-term process based on conscious and systematic action. It requires sacrifices, patience and perseverance, but it brings very positive effects consisting in regaining good health and well-being. First of all, to successfully cure mycosis, we must perform a Load Test, which is able to determine the correct cause of fungus formation.

Paulina from Łódź, 49 years old

For several months I was struggling with the problem of skin rash on the face. I lubricated the month with a preparation that a friend used, but the positive effects could not be seen at all. Then after visiting the doctor I bought another medicine, which after using for a long time also did not give results. Although the doctor recognized the disease as skin mycosis, he was unable to find the cause. I was already mentally depressed, I did not want to leave the house and show myself in company. I was comforted that people have more serious health problems, but the daily view of the face with unsightly redness did not allow me to fall asleep and function normally. One day my faith in successfully treating mycosis came back. A friend told me about a test that can determine the causes of mycosis problems. This is a step away from eliminating the shameful condition!

Klaudia Sagańska, a Revitum specialist, advises:

Many people, although they know about their disease, do not take any steps to combat it. This is a huge mistake. These people run the risk of the mushrooms growing in larger areas of their body, and thus threaten the spread of infection to people in their immediate surroundings. Effective treatment of ringworm can only take place if the patient is fully aware of what this disease is and knows what to do to avoid recurrence. Therefore, do not delay, do a body load test. Do not allow ringworm to develop in your body. The test will help you immediately detect the cause of the formation of a fungus.

Gastrointestinal mycosis


Janina from Krakow did not know that she had mycosis

I have a sensitive stomach since I was a child, but what has happened since a year is really a nightmare! Everyday pains, diarrhea every few days ... And this heartburn! I went to one doctor, then to another - they gave some medicine, but nothing helped! I didn't know how to help myself anymore! I complained to my neighbor in the block and she told me that there is a test that helps with such ailments. I went to this test and it turned out that my disease is gastrointestinal mycosis. The specialist advised me to use a treatment that would help get rid of these yeasts. I started it and I feel it is getting better: my stomach hurts less and less, I don't go to the toilet so often ... I'm getting better and I'm happy that I took this test.

Thanks to the load test, it is possible to determine the degree of burden on the body with harmful substances such as fungi, parasites and toxins. Its performance is not associated with any unpleasant feelings - it is completely non-invasive, painless and safe. The Revitum test is performed by experienced biomedicine specialists. After discussing the results, it is possible to choose an individual treatment that will strengthen the immune system and slowly make gastrointestinal mycosis become just a memory.

Mycosis of the feet


It is a fungal infection affecting the soles of the feet and interdigital spaces. According to current data, athlete's foot is present in about 15 to 30% of the population and is a significant clinical and social problem.

Signs and symptoms of foot mycosis can be many, although they are unlikely to occur all at once. These are among others:

  • Itching, stinging and burning between the fingers,
  • Itching, burning and smoking on the soles of the feet
  • Itchy blisters
  • Cracking and peeling of the skin, especially between the toes and on the soles of the feet,
  • Excessive dry skin on the bottom or sides of the feet.

Weronika Łapińska, a Revitum specialist, advises:

If you have a rash on your feet that does not decrease or worsen after taking home remedies previously and makes everyday life more difficult, visit Revitum, where a specialist will advise you on which natural preparations can be used and perform a body load test.

Get rid of embarrassing foot fungus quickly

When eliminating athlete's foot, a comprehensive approach is very important. Ointments or pills are not enough - they only remove temporary symptoms. Just because we can get rid of itching or cleanse the skin does not mean that we have got rid of the disease. The fungus is still in us and can still lead to ringworm or recurrence of foot ringworm.

  1. In fact, chemicals in the form of chemical preparations often do not work, or help for a short while. Mushrooms leave spores and cause resistance to antibiotic treatment.
  2. In the fight against the disease of foot fungus, natural preparations that have a lot of active ingredients acting on mycosis are very effective, so the mushroom does not have the chance to create resistance!
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