Lack of concentration

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brak koncentracji przyczyny i przeciwdziałanie

Concentration is a phenomenon consisting in focusing attention and directing it on a specific object, issue, event, situation or phenomenon. This is a key factor that allows you to effectively perform both mental and physical work. The greater the level of concentration, the greater the efficiency! The greater the efficiency, the more you will do in a short time. That is why concentration is so important. When it comes to lack of concentration, the causes can be very complex or can overlap.

Lack of concentration is a syndrome of disease symptoms that has not yet been clearly established in etiopathogenesis. This condition is caused by various types of loads in the body.

Do you have problems keeping your focus on your work, study or reading? Do you want to improve your concentration, but you don't know where to start and how to do it? Remember that the cause of many ailments are often poisonous substances, microorganisms, fungi, viruses and parasites living in our body. All these loads can be detected with the help of an easy and quick test of body loads. The test is painless and non-invasive. Our specialist will choose the right treatment for you and tell you what to do to restore your former physical and mental fitness!

Did you know that lack of concentration and memory problems can be affected by e.g. nutrient deficiencies, stress, fatigue due to lack of sleep, drinking coffee, tea, smoking, alcohol?

The most important thing with memory problems is nutrient supplementation. An interesting example of an element whose lack causes memory problems is boron. Lack of it may reduce mental performance, as boron affects the brain's bioelectricity. Zinc or fatty acid deficiency is not without significance.

There are hundreds of examples. It is best to go to a specialist who will plan an individual treatment that will reduce the lack of concentration and improve memory based on natural preparations, taking into account our entire body, age, weight and past illnesses.

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