Free tests for parasites

Take advantage of the free Revitum research program and check for parasites.

Do you suffer from chronic fatigue, infections, pains that you treat unsuccessfully? Or maybe the problem concerns your loved ones?
Check if the causes of your problems are not difficult to detect parasites. They can destroy your body step by step for years.

Come to one of Revitum's departments and use the combined set of instant tests (immediate results):

  • free test for parasites
  • test for cellular deficiencies at a promotional price of PLN 130

Free tests for parasites are available when performing a promotional test for cell deficiency.

Test for parasites

Detection of subclinical intoxication of the body:

  • parasites
  • microorganisms

Cell Deficiency Test

Detects shortages:

  • vitamins (D3, B, C, E, K and many others)
  • minerals (for example: calcium, iron, magnesium, iodine, zinc, selenium, potassium, phosphorus, copper)
  • trace collagen enzymes in individual organs
  • coenzymes (among others: Biotin, Q10, folic acid)
  • acid

Take the free test for parasites under the "Stop parasites" program

Persons using the program for each performed Cell Deficiency Test, carried out at a promotional price of PLN 130, receive the opportunity to use the free test for parasites.

Revitum branches participating in the Program:

  • Warszawa  -  7 listopada 2018 r.
  • Łódź -  6 listopada 2018 r.
  • Katowice -  6 listopada 2018 r.
  • Kraków - 5  listopada 2018 r.

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