Fungus - Revitum

Onychomycosis of the nails and toes

Did you know that onychomycosis affects about 21% of Poles? We do not realize that the changed appearance of nails is already a serious medical problem. Ringworm is contagious, affects entire families and can contribute to other diseases, e.g. against allergies. Initially, the symptoms of onychomycosis are invisible. Onychomycosis of the nails on the hands...


Groin mycosis

Groin mycosis likes high temperature, humidity, sweat, windproof, tight underwear. Although this disease is the same as any other, and it can happen to anyone, most people respond with embarrassment and shame to the word “ringworm”. Untreated inguinal mycosis can lead to fungal infection of the penis, as well as additional infection with yeast or...


Skin mycosis

Fungi of the skin and mucous membranes belong to the group of infectious diseases caused by pathogenic fungi. There are more skin infections from year to year. Statistics estimate that ringworms occur in almost 20% of people living in a temperate climate zone. Symptoms of skin mycosis Skin mycosis is manifested by changes in the...


Vaginal mycosis

Almost 80% of women have had vaginal mycosis at least once in their lives, and half of them have experienced a relapse! Candida yeast is most often responsible for reproductive organ infections. Under favorable circumstances, they may begin to multiply uncontrollably and spread throughout the body. Symptoms that may signal you have vaginal mycosis: itching...


Penis mycosis

Penile ringworm is rarely spoken of as it is usually neglected and its first symptoms are difficult to see on its own. The problem is serious. Untreated mycosis of the penis can lead to infertility and prostatic hyperplasia. Perform a non-invasive, painless blood load test, without embarrassment and shame. Let’s remember that actually ringworm is...


Mycosis – causes, symptoms, treatment

While we lose the next days at work, visit more doctors or specialists in individual parts of the body, mycosis (candida, mycosis, candidiasis) does not idle and begins to reach everywhere along with blood destroying our body Mycosis - how to recognize it? Chronic fatigue is a result of mycosis Mushrooms get into the bloodstream,...

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