Onychomycosis of the nails and toes

Did you know that onychomycosis affects about 21% of Poles? We do not realize that the changed appearance of nails is already a serious medical problem. Ringworm is contagious, affects entire families and can contribute to other diseases, e.g. against allergies. Initially, the symptoms of onychomycosis are invisible. Onychomycosis of the nails on the hands...czytaj więcej

Groin mycosis

Groin mycosis likes high temperature, humidity, sweat, windproof, tight underwear. Although this disease is the same as any other, and it can happen to anyone, most people respond with embarrassment and shame to the word “ringworm”. Untreated inguinal mycosis can lead to fungal infection of the penis, as well as additional infection with yeast or...czytaj więcej

Skin mycosis

Fungi of the skin and mucous membranes belong to the group of infectious diseases caused by pathogenic fungi. There are more skin infections from year to year. Statistics estimate that ringworms occur in almost 20% of people living in a temperate climate zone. Symptoms of skin mycosis Skin mycosis is manifested by changes in the...czytaj więcej

Psoriasis symptoms

Psoriasis is unsightly and tiring, it can introduce complexes. It can start under stress. It can also be passed on by the mother – then she will be in the sleep phase. Come, the main causes of the emergence are unknown, there is a relationship between the appearance of psoriasis and the state of the...czytaj więcej

Problems with the pancreas – symptoms and treatment

The pancreas has two important functions in the body. It supplies enzymes to the intestine, which makes it possible to digest proteins or carbohydrates. This organ is also responsible for the secretion of hormones: insulin and glucagon. It is worth to read the article below to know what the symptoms of a sick pancreas are....czytaj więcej

Vaginal mycosis

Almost 80% of women have had vaginal mycosis at least once in their lives, and half of them have experienced a relapse! Candida yeast is most often responsible for reproductive organ infections. Under favorable circumstances, they may begin to multiply uncontrollably and spread throughout the body. Symptoms that may signal you have vaginal mycosis: itching...czytaj więcej

Penis mycosis

Penile ringworm is rarely spoken of as it is usually neglected and its first symptoms are difficult to see on its own. The problem is serious. Untreated mycosis of the penis can lead to infertility and prostatic hyperplasia. Perform a non-invasive, painless blood load test, without embarrassment and shame. Let’s remember that actually ringworm is...czytaj więcej

Lyme disease versus European Parliament

  The European Parliament wants to add Lyme disease to the list of diseases controlled and tracked at EU level. It is estimated that around 1 million people in Europe are infected, and 21.5 thousand people are affected in Poland. The resolution on Lyme disease was unanimously adopted by the Committee on the Environment, Public...czytaj więcej

Parasites symptoms

Probably every third person is a carrier of parasites. Every year, they cause millions of people to die around the world. They lead to many serious and difficult to diagnose ailments. Check what parasites can inhabit your body and familiarize yourself with the symptoms that they can cause. Do you think you know your body...czytaj więcej

Varicose veins

  Varicose veins occur in the lower extremities, esophagus, anus (hemorrhoids). They arise as a result of a malfunction of the valves located in the walls of the veins, whose task is to prevent the backflow of blood flowing to the heart. When the valves are not working properly, the blood does not drain properly...czytaj więcej

Problems with the stomach and intestines

Problems with the stomach and intestines In Poland, over 30% of the population suffers from gastrointestinal complaints such as ulcers, obstruction, inflammation, cancer, and parasites. Every year, more than 10,000 people get colon cancer in our country every year, with more and more deaths being recorded. This is due to the fact that patients come...czytaj więcej


Severe back pain can have its source in diseases such as degeneration of the spine, obesity, kidney disease, injuries, faulty posture. They can also appear in pregnant women. The latest discoveries also turn out to be interesting. The foods we eat every day can make us feel pain. An example is caffeine, mint, ginger or...czytaj więcej


What is shingles? Shingles is a serious infectious disease caused by herpes virus varicella, the same virus that causes chickenpox. Appears in people who have had smallpox and who have reactivated a latent infection. It's a dangerous disease that can lead to serious complications. It is worth knowing what its symptoms are and how to...czytaj więcej

How to care for the liver

Liver disease - learn 4 effective tips on how to care for your liver The proper functioning of the liver is essential for our health. Check if you know how to properly care for this organ. This organ performs over 500 functions, and in every minute it flows through even 1.5 liters of blood requiring...czytaj więcej

Prostate problems

Prostate problems affect many men after the age of 45. The prostate is a chestnut-sized gland located below the bladder. Due to its function, it is closer to the sexual system than the urinary system: its secretion is part of the sperm and allows sperm to move. After the age of fifty, most men learn...czytaj więcej

Kidney problems

Kidney problems affect many people, often from childhood. The kidneys are even organs shaped like bean grains. Their function is to produce urine, as well as to filter blood. Each disorder in the work of the kidneys gives reflection in the functioning of the whole body, which affects our overall well-being. According to Chinese medicine,...czytaj więcej

Lack of immunity

  The human immune system consists of lymph nodes, palatine tonsils, thymus, spleen, and bone marrow. Each of these systems requires nutrients to function properly. Lack of immunity can manifest itself not only in winter or early spring. There has been a lot of talk in recent years about the impact of the environment on...czytaj więcej


Hemorrhoids is a problem for many people. The risk of their occurrence increases with age. The good news is that hemorrhoids can be cured. Although it is a disease that is often embarrassing, we break this taboo subject. What are hemorrhoids? Hemorrhoids (Latin: varices haemorrhoidales), i.e. anal varicose veins, are swollen veins of the rectal...czytaj więcej

Body load

Toxins Nowadays, toxins are the greatest threat to humanity. They attack the body from everywhere. They are ubiquitous: in air, water, foods, in food and cosmetics. Toxins that once enter the body, even in a negligible amount, can accumulate, affecting our body for many years. They cause poisoning, allergies, skin defects, hair loss, and in...czytaj więcej


According to researchers, 95% of the population is infected with one or more parasites. Parasites of the cause of infection - how does it occur? after eating food or water infected with parasite eggs, by droplet: inhalation of contaminated air, vectors (mosquito, tick), lack of hygiene or use of shared sanitary facilities, sexual contact damaged...czytaj więcej

Mycosis – causes, symptoms, treatment

While we lose the next days at work, visit more doctors or specialists in individual parts of the body, mycosis (candida, mycosis, candidiasis) does not idle and begins to reach everywhere along with blood destroying our body Mycosis - how to recognize it? Chronic fatigue is a result of mycosis Mushrooms get into the bloodstream,...czytaj więcej


What is an allergy? Colloquially called allergy or hypersensitivity, this is the body's incorrect response to the effects of foreign substances, i.e. allergens. Our immune system is involved in allergic reactions - antibodies are formed in the body that bind to the antigen and cause inflammation. Allergy is therefore an abnormal manifestation of immunity because...czytaj więcej


Infertility is a real drama especially for people who strive to become a family as soon as possible. Infertility can occur in both men and women. Sometimes it happens that, despite the efforts of both partners, they cannot become happy parents. Infertility or sterility? Infertility and sterility cannot be interchangeable terms because each of them...czytaj więcej


Is this psoriasis already? What are the first signs of psoriasis? Psoriasis is still a big mystery today. It is not known what causes it and it is treated throughout the whole life. The question arises whether there is a chance to get rid of it completely? If not then how to minimize its occurrence?...czytaj więcej

Chronic fatigue

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) is a syndrome of disease symptoms that has not yet clearly defined etiopathogenesis or treatment. Do you get on your bed and sleep until late at night after work? Or maybe when you are preparing for a task but problems with concentration prevent you from doing it? Or this feeling of...czytaj więcej


Asthma is a serious disease that is considered civilization these days - it has more than 300 million people worldwide. In Poland, the problem of asthma is also noticeable. It is estimated that it affects about 10% of the population, both adults and children. The number of patients is growing at an alarming rate, and...czytaj więcej

Vitamin D deficiency

Vitamin D deficiency When there is a lack of vitamin D in the body ... Vitamin D affects the proper functioning of calcium metabolism in the blood, on the nervous system, cardiovascular, immune, reproductive and muscular systems. It also cares for the correct structure of the skeleton. When it is not enough, we are threatened...czytaj więcej

Children’s health

Preschoolers' health   The preschooler's immune system is just forming - he learns to deal with viruses, bacteria and parasites. It is like an army of unskilled young recruits - they cannot recognize the enemy and deal with him. A child up to six years old may catch a cold even 9-10 times a year,...czytaj więcej

Dermatitis herpetiformis

Duhring's disease (dermatitis herpetiformis) is a skin manifestation of gluten intolerance. He is called a cutaneous form of celiac disease and is often found in the same families where celiac disease suffers. Duhring's disease is most commonly seen between 14 and 40 years of age. A typical picture of skin lesions in its course are...czytaj więcej

Poor memory

Poor memory can have various causes, both in psychological and organic conditions. Causes of poor memory: Lack of nutrients in the diet Arteriosclerosis: thickening of the arterial walls Cerebral atherosclerosis: cerebral ischemia Thyroid disease Alcoholism Intoxication of the body Deficiency of vitamins, trace elements Deficiencies of minerals Stress Overload (pressure of success, time, environment) Haste...czytaj więcej


  Acne is a disease that has been bothering millions of people around the world for years. Every year, millions of dollars are spent on research into combating this disease. Acne vulgaris (Acne vulgaris) - a skin disease that begins at puberty, when the hormone sebaceous glands (seborrhea) are over-stimulated under the influence of hormonal...czytaj więcej


Diabetes is one of the diseases of civilization. It is the third most common cause of death in our country (right after cancer and heart disease). We usually find out that we have it when it is in an advanced stage and serious complications arise. Untreated, it can cause atherosclerosis, ischemia, heart attack, stroke, retinal...czytaj więcej

Senile dementia

Senile dementia is senile dementia. The later psychological and intellectual problems are observed, the milder the disease manifests itself. The first symptom is weakened memory, which is often a sign of aging. That is why the relatives and relatives of the elderly often underestimate this, thinking that it is simply due to old age. Other...czytaj więcej

Gluten intolerance

Adverse effects of gluten on the human body can manifest as a form of celiac disease, temporary gluten intolerance or gluten allergy. In the most serious disease caused by gluten, celiac disease is celiac disease. Symptoms of celiac disease (gastroenteritis) and atrophy of the intestinal villi appear after gluten is introduced into the diet. In...czytaj więcej

Healthy diet

Five portions of vegetables and fruit for everyone. It's a healthy diet! A healthy diet not only affects the length, but also the quality of our lives. That is why it is worth taking care of this topic and remembering that every day we should be accompanied by five portions of vegetables and fruit. Preferably...czytaj więcej

Lack of concentration

Concentration is a phenomenon consisting in focusing attention and directing it on a specific object, issue, event, situation or phenomenon. This is a key factor that allows you to effectively perform both mental and physical work. The greater the level of concentration, the greater the efficiency! The greater the efficiency, the more you will do...czytaj więcej

Symptoms and Treatment of Lyme disease

Lyme disease is the most common infectious disease in the world transmitted by ticks. It is caused by the spirochete borrelia burgdorferi. What is Lyme disease? Lyme disease, or TB, is one of the most well-known tick-borne diseases. Lyme disease is a relatively new disease because the first diagnoses date back to the second half...czytaj więcej


Arthralgia can accompany infections, both bacterial, viral and parasitic. You can then talk about reflex arthritis. It affects one or more often several joints. It happens to people of all ages. How to recognize them correctly and how to fight them? Joint pain - symptoms Initially, the pain occurs in motion, and decreases or disappears...czytaj więcej


Hypertension is characterized by constantly elevated blood pressure. Hypertension is a cardiovascular disease in which the vast majority (over 90%) of cases are primary, i.e. without a known somatic cause. The other cases are secondary, i.e. a well-known cause of the disease, e.g. kidney disease, atherosclerosis, endocrine disease or brain disease. Hypertensive disease affects women...czytaj więcej