Diet consultation

Would you like to enjoy your dream figure, but you are already tired of continuous miracle diets that have not given you any results? Are you aware that in order to effectively lose weight, you must first take care of a healthy body? We will help you in this.

Cleansing the body (detoxification process)

During the visit, a comprehensive examination of your body composition (muscles, visceral fat, belly fat, BMI).

Taking into account the results obtained and conducting an in-depth interview, together we will establish a treatment plan based on natural preparations (extracts of vegetables, fruits, herbs, minerals, vitamins) so as to regenerate and prepare your body for the slimming process. You will also receive individual nutritional recommendations.

Remember that if you suffer from fatty liver or digestive problems, we must take this into account in your diet plan so that the weight loss process is successful, not the yo-yo effect.


Profesjonalna dieta - konsultacje dietetyczne
Diet consultation - healthy diet


After 3 weeks of cleansing the body, you return to our office and together we check the progress and effectiveness of the treatment. Already at this point it may turn out that some of the persistent ailments (such as, e.g., exhausting constipation, bloating or stomach pains) have disappeared. Sometimes natural preparations and changing eating habits under the watchful eye of a professional can work wonders!

At this stage, you will receive from us natural supplements that support slimming (also based on extracts of vegetables, fruits, herbs, natural minerals) and a nutrition plan developed especially for you.


Zdrowa dieta - konsultacje dietetyczne
diet selected individually

Cellular Nutrition

When your weight is satisfying for you, we will start the process of cellular nutrition together. We will take care to make up for the deficiencies of all elements and minerals so that the yo-yo effect does not occur in the future. We perform a cell deficiency test to be sure what exactly your body needs - we don't work blind!

Remember, this stage is also very important! After losing weight, we may lack, e.g. iron folates, which are necessary for the proper functioning of the body. It is also often the case that heavy metals and other substances are released from adipose tissue, which weaken our health.

It is also a return to a normal diet under the guidance of a professional.

Trust the experts, achieve a long-lasting effect in slimming. Regenerate your body and enjoy your well-being! Trust today in the innovative achievements of biotechnology and the advice of the best experts in slimming!



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Odchudzanie Revitum - konsultacja dietetyczna

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