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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) is a syndrome of disease symptoms that has not yet clearly defined etiopathogenesis or treatment.

Do you get on your bed and sleep until late at night after work? Or maybe when you are preparing for a task but problems with concentration prevent you from doing it? Or this feeling of constant physical exhaustion that accompanies every physical activity? If all or part of these elements appear in your life relatively more often than ever, you have probably suffered from chronic (chronic) fatigue syndrome (CFS). The question arises whether it can be cured?

The diagnosis of CFS is based on the clinical picture. They can be placed when there is a prolonged over 6 months unexplained fatigue in a person who has not had discomfort so far, not associated with forced bed rest, prolonged effort, having a strictly defined onset in time and causing a decrease in daily physical activity by more than 50%.



The main symptom in CFS is primarily a long-lasting feeling of constant fatigue of the body lasting for at least 6 months, which is so strong that it does not stop even after resting. It also impedes functioning in the professional, social or private area.

A specialist to whom the complainant reports for long-term fatigue should consider as a possible cause of chronic fatigue various conditions and diseases, such as:

  • depression
  • chronic or subacute bacterial diseases (e.g. endocarditis, Lyme disease, tuberculosis, sarcoidosis)
  • local infections
  • viral diseases and infections, especially viral hepatitis due to hepatitis C and HCV
  • chronic pulmonary, cardiological, gastrointestinal, liver, kidney, hematological
  • diseases
  • endocrine disorders
  • cancers
  • non-disease related exhaustion by work and pace of life
  • personality type associated with excessive activity and inability to rest

There can be many reasons for this: thrush, parasites, bacteria, viruses, thyroid problems, stress, negative emotions, allergies, toxins, food chemistry, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, and more. If you have a problem don't wait! Perform an easy and quick test of body loads and enjoy health for many years!

To diagnose CFS, a specialist must also rule out such causes of chronic fatigue as anemia, diabetes, heart or liver disease, HIV infection, cancer or Lyme disease, and addiction to psychoactive substances. Also, some mental illnesses, often accompanied by chronic fatigue, should be excluded.



Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) is a state of inexplicable fatigue, which even after assuming adequate rest does not go away, and lasts for 6 months. Researchers report that chronic fatigue syndrome is next to diabetes as a lifestyle disease. The only problem is that CFS cannot be called a disease because it is not in the international list of diseases. As for psychiatrists, they also cannot recognize this condition as a disease.



There are many theories about the causes of CFS. Some believe that it is due to immunological factors strongly related to the immune system, e.g. infectious infections or allergies. Others stress that chronic fatigue syndrome can be caused by severe mononucleosis or the EBV virus, which appears immediately after asymptomatic mononucleosis. Still other researchers point out the aspect of lactic acid metabolism disorder in muscles as well as nutrient deficiency in the body. Disorders in the secretion of one of the hormones produced by the adrenal glands also have an important role here, according to scientists. It is also speculated that severe personal nervous experience and stress or anxiety have a significant impact on the appearance of CFS.



In addition to seemingly obvious ways to prevent the occurrence of chronic stress syndrome such as: avoidance of stress, adequate sleep duration each day, nutrient-rich diet, avoidance of alcohol, starting regular sports, food products that have a beneficial effect on our body with symptoms have found their place CFS, and they are: ginger, hemp seeds, bee pollen, maca or chicken broth.

Now that we know what to avoid and what to use, we are on the right track not to become a victim of chronic fatigue syndrome. Despite the fact that technological progress and "fast life" push us into the abyss of various diseases, let us remember that we only live once. Let's make this one occasion a reason for joy of life. To avoid the consequences of unrecognized CFS, it is worth doing a body load test and find out what the problem is behind our fatigue.

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