Onychomycosis of the nails and toes

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Did you know that onychomycosis affects about 21% of Poles? We do not realize that the changed appearance of nails is already a serious medical problem. Ringworm is contagious, affects entire families and can contribute to other diseases, e.g. against allergies. Initially, the symptoms of onychomycosis are invisible. Onychomycosis of the nails on the hands or legs can often start with very small symptoms, which are often underestimated. So it is worth reacting immediately to even small, disturbing changes appearing in the area of the nails.

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Nail fungus usually has the following symptoms:

  • thickening and yellowing of the nail plate,
  • the appearance of bumps and furrows on it,
  • high fragility, crushing and delamination of nails,
  • detachment of nails from the epidermis,
  • redness of the skin around the nails,
  • burning, itching
  • cracking and peeling of the epidermis.

An easy and quick way to treat and get rid of embarrassing onychomycosis

When eliminating onychomycosis of the nails of the legs and hands, a comprehensive approach is very important. The fact that we can get rid of itching or cleanse the skin does not mean that we got rid of the disease. The fungus is still in us and can still lead to ringworm or recurrence of onychomycosis. Ointments or tablets are not enough – they only remove temporary symptoms. The cause of mycosis must be removed, e.g. by testing the body’s load.

Groin mycosis

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Groin mycosis likes high temperature, humidity, sweat, windproof, tight underwear. Although this disease is the same as any other, and it can happen to anyone, most people respond with embarrassment and shame to the word „ringworm”. Untreated inguinal mycosis can lead to fungal infection of the penis, as well as additional infection with yeast or bacteria.

Groin mycosis is a superficial fungal infection of the groin skin. Almost exclusively for men. This condition is often found. Most often men from 18-30 years old get sick, which does not mean that they also do not appear in women. It is very rare in children. Infection usually occurs as a result of direct contact with infected people or through indirect contact with infected objects, e.g. towels, sponges or underwear. It should be remembered that inguinal mycosis, as well as foot and nail mycosis requires proper diagnosis and immediate treatment. And most importantly – it cannot be underestimated. – advise experts of the Polish Dermatological Society.

Groin mycosis – symptoms

Typical symptoms of this disease include:

  • erythematous spots with inflammation,
  • skin lesions with visible lumps and blisters,
  • outbreaks located in the groin area (especially where the scrotum adheres to the thighs),
  • feeling itchy
  • change of skin color from red to brown,
  • flaking changes.

Sometimes an extensive erythema-inflammatory focus may appear. Groin mycosis can spread to the lower abdomen, buttocks and sacro-lumbar region. There may also be a yeast infection leading to exudative changes in the groin. The course of the disease is chronic. Therefore, early diagnosis of the disease is necessary for the rapid cure of inguinal mycosis. Therefore, you should not hesitate with performing a stress test, thanks to which you can easily recognize the disease and the real cause of the occurrence of inguinal mycosis.

Weronika Łapińska, a Revitum specialist, advises:

Groin mycosis likes high temperature, humidity, sweat, windproof, tight underwear. Infection can also occur as a result of transferring lesions from other places (e.g. feet) by contact with a towel, sponge or hands. Although this disease is the same as any other, and it can happen to anyone, most people respond with embarrassment and shame to the word „ringworm”. The worst thing you can do if you notice the symptoms of the disease is to treat yourself. Therefore, if you are not sure if the red skin is just an abrasion or already developing mycosis, do the Body Load Test. It is better not to risk it, the test will immediately detect the developing fungus.

Skin mycosis

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Fungi of the skin and mucous membranes belong to the group of infectious diseases caused by pathogenic fungi. There are more skin infections from year to year. Statistics estimate that ringworms occur in almost 20% of people living in a temperate climate zone.

Symptoms of skin mycosis

Skin mycosis is manifested by changes in the body’s coating and its dead creations, such as hair and nails.

The most common infections are:

  • skin of the feet
  • between the toes, on the sole,
  • on the hands of one or both hands,
  • less often in the groin.

Mushrooms more easily infect the skin when it is damaged. Due to the fact that they like moisture and heat, skin mycoses often appear:

  • in skin folds, e.g. under the arms,
  • between the buttocks,
  • under the breasts
  • in folds on the stomach in obese people.

Due to the non-specificity and individuality of skin mycosis symptoms, it may be difficult to diagnose the real sources of the problem. In order to determine the causes of ailments, it is worth performing a body load test.

The Revitum specialist advises:

Mushrooms secrete very strong toxins and poison our entire body, especially the brain. Severe mycosis can lead to a lack of concentration, general discouragement from life, and even depression. Overloaded with toxins, man is constantly tired, often changes moods, feels inexplicable fear and threat. To avoid this, you should go to a specialist for advice.

Vaginal mycosis

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Almost 80% of women have had vaginal mycosis at least once in their lives, and half of them have experienced a relapse! Candida yeast is most often responsible for reproductive organ infections. Under favorable circumstances, they may begin to multiply uncontrollably and spread throughout the body.

Symptoms that may signal you have vaginal mycosis:

  • itching and burning around the vagina
  • dense, cheese-like discharge,
  • pain and burning when urinating,
  • painful sexual intercourse.

In addition to the vagina, ringworm can affect the cervix, bladder and urethra. Untreated, it can lead to serious health complications, such as cervical erosion, vaginal erosion, and even cancer. This ailment can also contribute to miscarriages and infertility. Vaginal mycosis can be tricky – it is estimated that around 30% of women do not feel any discomfort at first, but at the same time the body’s accumulation and spread of fungal spores occurs.

Vaginal mycosis – causes

Among the factors promoting vaginal mycosis are:

  • taking oral hormonal agents,
  • obesity,
  • antibiotics,
  • Hypothyroidism,
  • anemia,
  • malnutrition,
  • vaginal trichomoniasis
  • frequent sexual contact.

Mrs. Maria from Łódź fought with vaginal mycosis:

Half a year ago I went to a gynecologist with baking and vaginal discharge. He said it was mycosis, yeast vaginosis. I got the medicine and indeed, the discomfort was over. However, after a month they appeared again, I had the impression that they are also more intense. Another visit to the doctor and more medicines. A moment of peace again and … the return of vaginal mycosis for the third time! Previous drugs completely exhausted me, and I didn’t want to take any more. Because of these health problems, my husband and I moved away from each other. I no longer knew how to help myself when a friend told me that she was on a test that reveals the causes of the ailment. I wanted to help myself so I decided why not and went to Revitum. The test showed that my body is heavily burdened with mycosis. The specialist assigned me an individual natural treatment for my problems. Today there is no trace of vaginal mycosis – I feel great and our married life has revived. I am very grateful for the help!

Klaudia Sagańska, a Revitum specialist, advises:

Vaginal mycosis is often associated with a decrease in immunity and poor diet. Natural antifungal preparations based on plant ingredients come to the rescue here. It’s best to choose them during the load test. Getting rid of ailments associated with vaginal mycosis requires the implementation of precisely selected individual, natural treatments that will strengthen the body’s natural strength and help get rid of the fungal spores. To make this possible, it is necessary to know the state of internal organs and the immune system. With this help comes the body load test, which thanks to its diagnostic capabilities allows you to determine the degree of burden on the body with harmful substances (fungi, parasites, toxins). Its non-invasive and painless formula means that its performance is not associated with any unpleasant feelings. You also don’t have to spend a lot of time on it – 45 minutes is enough. After discussing the test results, a Revitum specialist can assign an individual treatment tailored to the woman’s needs, which will help her fight not only the symptoms, but above all the causes of vaginal mycosis. The load test gives the opportunity to permanently get rid of toxic yeast.

Penis mycosis

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Penile ringworm is rarely spoken of as it is usually neglected and its first symptoms are difficult to see on its own. The problem is serious. Untreated mycosis of the penis can lead to infertility and prostatic hyperplasia. Perform a non-invasive, painless blood load test, without embarrassment and shame. Let’s remember that actually ringworm is no longer a taboo subject, because it can be diagnosed non-invasively. To fight this problem, ointments or pills are not enough – they only remove symptoms for a moment. The causes of mycosis must be removed.

Penis mycosis in the early stages of development may not cause any symptoms. Over time, however, a number of very unpleasant symptoms begin to appear. The first is the feeling of itching or burning in the genital area. Then the acorn and foreskin are covered with red spots, a white coating with an unpleasant smell develops on the penis, and the epidermis begins to peel. As a result of inflammation and irritation of the head of the penis, a man may experience increased pressure on the bladder and pain during urination or erection.

Symptoms of penis mycosis:

  • itching and burning of the skin,
  • acorn irritation and inflammation,
  • redness or erythema
  • possible spots and blisters,
  • white coating on the glans or foreskin,
  • pain when passing urine
  • the appearance of phimosis hindering intercourse,
  • painful urination,
  • frequent urination,
  • pain during ejaculation
  • unpleasant smell,
  • the appearance of cheese-like secretions.

Mycosis of the penis – causes

Among the factors contributing to the development of penis mycosis are:

  • sexual contacts with infected partners,
  • ringworm of other areas of the body,
  • improper level of intimate hygiene,
  • use of medicines (antibiotics),
  • taking steroids,
  • chronic stress
  • wearing unsuitable underwear,
  • frequent visits to the pool or saunas,
  • use of spermicides.

Adam from Poznań, 28 years old:

For several months I have been struggling with this embarrassing problem. For men, it is extremely difficult to break mentally and ask for advice from a friend or even their own father. Going to a specialist asking about penis mycosis was an insurmountable barrier. Initially, I tried to neutralize the problem of ringworm myself, and after seeking information on the Internet, I bought several ointments. I lubricated the month, but there were no positive effects at all. I was already mentally depressed, I avoided sexual contact with my girlfriend, for fear of noticing my problem with penis mycosis. One day I couldn’t stand it and asked my best friend for advice. It turned out that not only I had this embarrassing problem. A friend told me about the test, which determines the condition of the whole organism, so you can determine the causes of problems with penis mycosis, and then choose an individual treatment. So let’s not wait when we notice the first symptoms, let’s not be shy!

The Revitum specialist advises:

Mycosis of the penis is a very big problem. Untreated, it begins to develop and spread. What’s more, it can lead to a very painful ailment, which is phimosis, which can completely prevent intercourse. Fungal infection of the penis can have consequences in the form of infertility, as fungi reduce the sperm viability. Therefore, if you are not sure if the red skin is just an abrasion or already developing mycosis, do a body load test. Although this is a shameful problem, it’s worth breaking your embarrassment. The test will immediately detect the developing fungus.

Mycosis – causes, symptoms, treatment

Category : Fungus

While we lose the next days at work, visit more doctors or specialists in individual parts of the body, mycosis (candida, mycosis, candidiasis) does not idle and begins to reach everywhere along with blood destroying our body

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Mycosis - how to recognize it?

Chronic fatigue is a result of mycosis

Mushrooms get into the bloodstream, causing so-called systemic mycosis. At this point the jokes are over. The whole organism can be attacked by an out of control fungus. The attacked organism defends itself against such strong intoxication. A side effect of this fight is a state of chronic fatigue, we are drowsy, without energy, we want to sleep and during the day we save ourselves with a large dose of coffee. At night we have trouble sleeping, and in the morning we get up sleepless. And so the circle closes.

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