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Nowadays, toxins are the greatest threat to humanity. They attack the body from everywhere. They are ubiquitous: in air, water, foods, in food and cosmetics. Toxins that once enter the body, even in a negligible amount, can accumulate, affecting our body for many years. They cause poisoning, allergies, skin defects, hair loss, and in extreme situations, your body defending against them, produces cysts and cancerous changes. In one person's body, up to 8 kilos of poison can be deposited in one year! Nobody needs to be convinced how dangerous poisoning with toxic substances can be to the human body. Has a significant impact on health and very often on life. Many diseases, ailments of the skin, hair, internal organs can have their important cause: the burden on the body caused by intoxication of the body.

Where do toxins come from? The burden of the body on attack

Environmental poisoning is the result of the development of industrial technology, automotive and urbanization. We live in a time of global environmental pollution and we often do not realize how much we are exposed to toxins, absorbed with air, water and, above all, with food.

The biggest and also the most dangerous source of intoxication of the body is a bad diet. Too much fats, excess sugars, and dyes, preservatives and synthetic fragrances and flavors that our food is stuffed with, improper combination of foods and selection of nutrients - all this contributes to overloading the digestive and excretory systems. Even those food ingredients that have health and vitality in their nature, i.e. fruit and vegetables, are contaminated with fertilizers and plant protection products. The result is impairment of kidney, liver, colon functions, i.e. the body's natural cleansing pathways. Toxins that are not excreted accumulate as loads, causing these organs to malfunction and, as a result, self-poisoning. That's how body loads work.

Taking excessive doses of painkillers, sedatives or poorly selected dietary supplements is nothing but the introduction of foreign substances, often toxic, into the body. One antibiotic treatment is able to destroy the beneficial bacterial flora of our digestive system for 10-12 months. Few people know that more than 70% of the global production of antibiotics is intended for the needs of animal feed producers. By eating dairy products, eggs, meat of animals fed with feed enriched with antibiotics, we unknowingly take extremely dangerous doses of antibiotics that lead to the creation of a mechanism of antibiotic resistance. An important source of toxin poisoning is your own intestine. Improper lifestyle, constant rush, food we eat, all this promotes constipation and lazy work of the intestines and the retention of food content in the intestines. The intestinal mucosa is very thin, which in the absence of digestive flora supporting the intestinal tract (lactobacilli) can lead to a situation in which the membrane becomes leaky and lets not only poisons, but also dangerous organisms that penetrate the bloodstream .

Toxicosis can be caused by toxic substances produced by bacteria, fungi and parasites. Often, we don't even know how much a threat to our health can be food from different parts of the world. To preserve its freshness during long transport, it is stuffed with preservatives, toxic to the human body. Any dried fruit, nuts or raisins, sealed in plastic bags, can be a source of infection for us with microbes, fungi, bacteria and parasites. Before consumption, in order to reduce the risk, they should be scalded with boiling water.
Other important poisoners: mercury compounds from tooth fillings, vaccines, cosmetics, cleaning products, clothes made of artificial fibers, paints, varnishes, toothpastes containing fluoride.

Do you realize that you get poisoned every day in your life?

Toxic substances, both those that are the product of our metabolism and those that we introduce from the outside, have a significant impact on our health and can become a threat to life. Serious illnesses of many organs or internal systems can actually be caused by toxic substances. It is as if we were poisoned for a long time and were surprised that we were sick! Only removing toxins from the body can help us to overcome diseases and heal. Take a body load test and start the treatment!

Heavy metals


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Nobody needs to be convinced how dangerous heavy metal poisoning can be to the human body. Has a significant impact on health, and very often on life. Many diseases and complaints of internal organs can have their significant cause in heavy metal loads.

We live in a contaminated environment, so the likelihood of heavy metal poisoning is very high. They cause poisoning, allergies, skin defects, hair loss and in extreme situations, your body, by defending against them, produces cysts and cancerous changes. Heavy metal loading can cause, e.g. food poisoning, headaches or muscle aches. Toxic substances accumulate in our body. The average person can deposit up to 8 kilograms of poison in one year!

Small amounts of these elements enter our body along with food, water or air. Poisoning with heavy metals can be caused, for example, by ingestion of contaminated water or food, or by inhalation of contaminated air in the vicinity of emission sources. Heavy metals are even more dangerous as they can accumulate in the body, i.e. their concentration can increase all the time. Toxic heavy metals include: cadmium, lead, mercury.

Poisoning the environment with heavy metals is the result of the development of industrial technology, motorization and urbanization. We live in times of global poisoning of the natural environment and often do not realize how much we are exposed to toxins, absorbed with air, water and, above all, with food . Other important poisoners: mercury compounds from tooth fillings, paints, varnishes, toothpastes containing fluoride.

Only removing toxins from the body can help us overcome diseases. Take a body load test and start the treatment! Health is life without burden, without restrictions. That is why specialists from the Revitum Center for Diagnosis of the Body pay so much attention to prevention and causes of diseases. Immediately after completing the test, each client receives a result with a full description and individual therapeutic recommendations.

Thanks to the method of individual selection of supplements and strictly selected natural preparations available only in Revitum, our treatments are very effective. All to ensure the highest quality. Such treatment is health for years.

Deficiencies of minerals and vitamins


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Without the right amount of minerals, all the processes that take place in your body (metabolism, biochemical, nervous and psychosomatic) are disturbed.

Your body is like a machine made of a suitable metal alloy. The ingredients are selected very precisely, otherwise the desired properties will be disturbed, and as a consequence the machine will be quickly damaged or destroyed. Your body will wear out faster and die if it doesn't get what it needs. The best examples are the increasingly common heart attacks and mental disorders. It is enough that your body will have too little of even one trace element (one that you need in a very small amount). e.g. selenium, then your thyroid function is worse. In turn, the B vitamins are responsible for metabolism. Their deficiency leads to memory problems.

The basic source of vitamins is food, which, unfortunately, is increasingly unable to provide adequate amounts. In our store food there are serious deficiencies of minerals and nutrients for our cells. Although fruit and vegetables should contain the right amounts of these ingredients, it turns out that as a result of the long way from the manufacturer to our plate and heat treatment in the kitchen, few of them get into our body. Without minerals, your body is unable to absorb vitamins that are very important for health. Your endocrine system may start working badly, and this inevitably brings you closer to your next illness.

As you can see, the causes of ailments and diseases have many names. Therefore, loads of the body should be sought in many sources. We often cultivate degenerative body changes for years. Loads in the form of diseases, caused by a gradual lack of vitamins and minerals, appear slowly, imperceptibly, such as dust blindness, gum depression or cataracts.

Why did natural preparations appear on the market? Natural diet preparations appeared as the quality of food available on the market decreased. The current way, e.g. for raising cereals or animals, is completely different than it was 50 years ago.

Is it worth taking natural preparations containing vitamins and minerals?

Of course, it must be a reasonably selected treatment under the supervision of a specialist. The performance technology is crucial when assessing the quality of a given supplement. There are two types of preparations available on the market: natural and synthetic.

It is strongly recommended to use natural products, although they are slightly more expensive than cheap synthetics. Naturally occurring vitamins and minerals have a wide spectrum of other active substances directly affecting better absorption. Natural dietary supplements are characterized by the fact that they are obtained as an extract from substances naturally occurring in nature (minerals, herbs, fruits) and thus their interaction is incomparably safer and more effective. They are used practically until the symptoms disappear and they do not have to be taken for the rest of their lives.

Vitamins and synthetic minerals are much cheaper. In terms of quality, they only reproduce natural substances based on chemical formulas. These are isolated substances. With such a large number of supplements on the market, it is worth consulting a Revitum specialist what to choose. At Revitum S.A. we choose the best natural diet preparations available on the market, we use the latest technologies and experience of many generations regarding the use of minerals, herbs and vitamins. Every day, we provide reliable knowledge and experience of our specialists who love nature and choose the best natural preparations on the market.



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Helicobacter pylori is a gram-negative bacillus bacterium. Over 70% of adults are infected with Helicobacter Pylori! The infection often causes gastric and duodenal ulcers. Infection with this bacterium is observed in diseases such as: autoimmune thyroiditis, Sjogren's syndrome, Parkinson's disease, asthma, PochP etc.

The enzymes secreted by it destroy the mucus guard in the stomach, then attach to epithelial cells. The main ailments are abdominal pain and dyseptic symptoms, but it can also be asymptomatic.

Did you know that Helicobacter infected patients are also helped by natural preparts based on herbs and minerals in combination with diet? For example, flaxseed, psyllium, sage, blueberry (containing catechin tannins) can help. Of course, it's not worth using it yourself, it's best to see a specialist. The cause of stomach problems are also; painkillers, antipyretics, anticoagulants, tobacco smoke, alcohol, stress, inadequate diet, bile salts, preservatives in food. If you want to regenerate the gastric mucosa and think about introducing natural preparations, it is worth visiting a Revitum specialist. Remember, everyone is different and requires an individual approach.

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