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silne bóle pleców są uciążliwe

Severe back pain can have its source in diseases such as degeneration of the spine, obesity, kidney disease, injuries, faulty posture. They can also appear in pregnant women. The latest discoveries also turn out to be interesting. The foods we eat every day can make us feel pain. An example is caffeine, mint, ginger or capsaicin (chilli peppers) that alleviate pain!

What is the mechanism of action? Very different, because e.g. caffeine is similar to adenosine and thus blocks the pain signal to the brain, while menthol, contained in the muscle, activates cold-sensitive TRPM8 receptors in the skin, inhibits the flow of Ca2 + through neuronal membranes and stimulates kappa-opioid receptors, thanks to which there is an effect of anesthesia and pain relief.

In the world of nature, natural salicylates, e.g. raspberries, cherries, curries, peppers and willow bark, are available for squall pains, which act like natural aspirin, and do not damage the gastric mucosa.

Regardless of what type of pain we are dealing with, we can eliminate it permanently by using an appropriate treatment based on natural preparations! All you have to do is perform a simple load test on your body to determine what loads are causing your pain reactions and start using the treatment

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