Penis mycosis

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grzybica penisa

Penile ringworm is rarely spoken of as it is usually neglected and its first symptoms are difficult to see on its own. The problem is serious. Untreated mycosis of the penis can lead to infertility and prostatic hyperplasia. Perform a non-invasive, painless blood load test, without embarrassment and shame. Let’s remember that actually ringworm is no longer a taboo subject, because it can be diagnosed non-invasively. To fight this problem, ointments or pills are not enough – they only remove symptoms for a moment. The causes of mycosis must be removed.

Penis mycosis in the early stages of development may not cause any symptoms. Over time, however, a number of very unpleasant symptoms begin to appear. The first is the feeling of itching or burning in the genital area. Then the acorn and foreskin are covered with red spots, a white coating with an unpleasant smell develops on the penis, and the epidermis begins to peel. As a result of inflammation and irritation of the head of the penis, a man may experience increased pressure on the bladder and pain during urination or erection.

Symptoms of penis mycosis:

  • itching and burning of the skin,
  • acorn irritation and inflammation,
  • redness or erythema
  • possible spots and blisters,
  • white coating on the glans or foreskin,
  • pain when passing urine
  • the appearance of phimosis hindering intercourse,
  • painful urination,
  • frequent urination,
  • pain during ejaculation
  • unpleasant smell,
  • the appearance of cheese-like secretions.

Mycosis of the penis – causes

Among the factors contributing to the development of penis mycosis are:

  • sexual contacts with infected partners,
  • ringworm of other areas of the body,
  • improper level of intimate hygiene,
  • use of medicines (antibiotics),
  • taking steroids,
  • chronic stress
  • wearing unsuitable underwear,
  • frequent visits to the pool or saunas,
  • use of spermicides.

Adam from Poznań, 28 years old:

For several months I have been struggling with this embarrassing problem. For men, it is extremely difficult to break mentally and ask for advice from a friend or even their own father. Going to a specialist asking about penis mycosis was an insurmountable barrier. Initially, I tried to neutralize the problem of ringworm myself, and after seeking information on the Internet, I bought several ointments. I lubricated the month, but there were no positive effects at all. I was already mentally depressed, I avoided sexual contact with my girlfriend, for fear of noticing my problem with penis mycosis. One day I couldn’t stand it and asked my best friend for advice. It turned out that not only I had this embarrassing problem. A friend told me about the test, which determines the condition of the whole organism, so you can determine the causes of problems with penis mycosis, and then choose an individual treatment. So let’s not wait when we notice the first symptoms, let’s not be shy!

The Revitum specialist advises:

Mycosis of the penis is a very big problem. Untreated, it begins to develop and spread. What’s more, it can lead to a very painful ailment, which is phimosis, which can completely prevent intercourse. Fungal infection of the penis can have consequences in the form of infertility, as fungi reduce the sperm viability. Therefore, if you are not sure if the red skin is just an abrasion or already developing mycosis, do a body load test. Although this is a shameful problem, it’s worth breaking your embarrassment. The test will immediately detect the developing fungus.